Your buiness has sensitive information, and you don’t need every employee to have access to this information.  Sure, you can limit the who has access to the files through the network, but what about the network itself?  The hardware and physical connections could pose a significant risk for you and your business, as well as your customers.  How do you ensure this part of your business is secure?  You need a plan for access control to these sensitive areas.

Access Control in Buffalo Grove, Elk Grove Village, McHenry, NorthbrookWhat Is Physical Access Control?

Simply put, access control is your answer to the question “who absolutely needs access to the servers and connections?”.  The answer to that question means that you need to control the access to these things.  That is relatively straight forward if your business is only in Elk Grove Village, but how do you handle it when you have employees from surrounding areas like McHenry or Northbrook that come to your physical location?  Network Technology Innovations has the answer to these scenarios and more.  Controlling access to the physical parts of your network is vital to your overall security plan, but you also need more

What About Terminal Access Control?

You have people who work in the office in Buffalo Grove where your physical hardware is, but not all of them need access to every file on your servers.  Or you might contract with someone in Elgin to do some work but they need remote access to particular files.  Or your remote employee in Pleasant Prairie, WI needs access to certain things, but don’t need to see any accounting files.  No matter where your employees and contractors are located, providing them all with specific access control for their needs is paramount to your business’s security, and by extension your customer’s security as well.