Video surveillance has proliferated over the last several years, and now you can hardly go anywhere in the country without seeing a surveillance camera mounted somewhere, either indoors or outdoors. Whether it is in small town America or in places like Kenosha, Roselle, Sturtevant, Elmhurst, Des Plaines, Barlett, or the surrounding areas, video surveillance is here to stay. Our experienced team at Network Technology Innovations can help you make the most out of any video surveillance system that you either have or want to add. Talk with our team today to learn more.

How is Video Surveillance Changing

Cameras on Wall in Commercial Building for Video Surveillance in Kenosha, Roselle, Sturtevant, Elmhurst, Des Plaines, and BarlettWith the multiplication of video cameras nearly everywhere, one of the biggest issues has been sifting through all of that video footage to find meaningful things. Sometimes this is happening after the fact and other times the sifting happens in near-real time. Video analytics has been making strides to help deal with all of this video surveillance footage.

Another major shift has been where the video footage is stored as it is recorded. Years ago it was stored on-site in digital video recorder devices and/or on computers with multiple hard drives. These days, like many other things, video footage is migrating to the cloud for storage. This has made it easier to add video surveillance because the footage can be easily stored off-site for future needs, etc.

Finally, more and more video surveillance cameras themselves are moving toward IP cameras over the older analog cameras. There are several good reasons for this, including that IP cameras have better resolution, allowing for wider fields of vision to be captured as well as being able to zoom in on things without losing the detail desired.

Work With An Experienced Team

With all of the changes going on with video surveillance and how it can impact organizations large and small, it is important that you get the best information on all of your options. This means working with a knowledgeable staff like the one at Network Technology Innovations. In order to provide our customers in Kenosha, Roselle, Sturtevant, Elmhurst, Des Plaines, Barlett, and the surrounding areas with the best information and equipment, we keep up on the latest trends and information. We can show you the latest in IP video cameras and what they can do, as well as provide you the right storage solution for your needs. Contact our team today to learn more.

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