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Access Control Installation and Video Surveillance in Woodstock, IL

What sort of advantages could an access control system provide to a Woodstock, IL business? Certainly tracking employees when they come and go is important, but that’s just the start when you contact Network Technology Innovations. With an access control installation, you can keep out unwanted visitors and even save money on your energy costs.

When you couple this installation with adding video surveillance to your property, you have a powerful combination of security features that can help to enhance the safety of your property as well as your employees. Contact us today to learn more about both options.

Access Control for Woodstock Businesses

Access Control Installation Companies in Woodstock, IL

One aspect that many organizations don’t realize that they can tie together with an access control system is their energy costs for the office or building. When no one is in the building your HVAC system can shut down entirely. This can also extend to the lighting as well. If you have someone who is working late or arrives early, the system can come to life to provide the conditioned air in the building as well as engage the general lighting in the building.

For some businesses having access control as part of your security measures is required in order to maintain certain standards. Whether it is organizations in or related to the healthcare fields or information databases or other sensitive information organizations, access control features will fulfill various regulations designed to help protect against theft and data breaches.

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Access Control Companies Serving Woodstock, IL

You want to work with the right access control company that will work with you and seeks to understand your business and what you need. You may want to combine a couple of access control features to enhance the security aspect, such as utilizing both a pass key card as well as utilizing a key code. At Network Technology Innovations we will explain how these can be combined and how it will make your location more secure.

Our professionals at Network Technology Innovations will answer all of your questions with access control installations. Legendary actor, director, and playwright Orson Welles spent his formative years at Woodstock’s Todd School for Boys and performed his first play on the Opera House stage, now named in his honor. Woodstock was “home” to the world’s greatest crime fighter, Dick Tracy, as his creator Chester Gould lived here for 50 years, commuting to Chicago six days a week to work on the beloved cartoon strip. Contact our team today to learn more.

Woodstock, IL Video Surveillance and Access Control Installation

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