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Access Control Installation and Video Surveillance in Huntley, IL

The security of your building and your employees is an important aspect that you need to take seriously in Huntley, IL. Getting the right access control system and access control installation from Network Technology Innovations means you will have the right system for your needs.

Access control provides a number of benefits including no more hassle with traditional keys, helping to keep unwanted visitors out of the building, setting specialized access parameters, and more. Don’t wait, contact our team today to learn more about implementing the right access control system for your needs.

Access Control for Huntley Businesses

Access Control Installation Companies in Huntley, IL

Many businesses are moving to proper access control that can be remotely accessed for security and safety reasons. And this doesn’t just mean front door access control either. All of your exterior doors can be added to the system which makes it easy to adjust permissions building-wide quickly. You can also make other doors inside of your building permission-based as well, such as the protected files in an attorney’s office, or the central servers where all kinds of data is stored.

Don’t forget that your access control can be tied in with a video surveillance system as well. This allows you to see who is accessing your building or protected areas in your building, as well as what time of the day or night this is happening. There are multiple options when it comes to what sort of access control is best for your situation, from key cards to biometrics to passcodes, as well as combinations of these options.

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Access Control Companies Serving Huntley, IL

As a business owner or manager in Huntley, IL you likely are looking for an access control company to help with access control installation. This is not a system that is a do-it-yourself project and your IT team has many other tasks that need attention. Partner with Network Technology Innovations to add access control to your organization and increase the security of your location.

Network Technology Innovations professionals will map out all of the entrances to your building as well as the sensitive areas inside the building. When Huntley was platted in 1853, the land was set aside in the center of town for a town park. Maps as early as 1872 show the area as open space. Thomas Huntley, for whom the town is named, also was responsible for reserving land in the town plat for churches. Give our team a call today to learn more about access control for your organization.

Huntley, IL Video Surveillance and Access Control Installation

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