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Businesses in Bolingbrook, IL understand the importance of investing in proper access control and video surveillance to protect their investments. Network Technology Innovations can provide access control installation for your Bolingbrook, IL business. Our specialties are directory access control (DAC), mandatory access control (MAC), and role-based access control (RBAC). These quality access control systems provide top security to protect your business. There are many options when determining which type of access control system is needed to protect your businesses. Companies often install card readers and keypads to limit who can enter a building, or rooms within a building. These easily installed access control systems add security to the business and to the employees working. Video surveillance is also an important addition to protecting your business and the staff.

Video Surveillance in Bolingbrook, IL

Keeping an eye on your property, building and employees is important. Most companies install video surveillance systems, that not only offer you protection from outside intruders, but also protection from false claims of injury from your employees. Network Technology Innovations will install customized video surveillance systems for clients after completing a review and assessing the security needs for outdoor areas and inside the building. There are a variety of video surveillance cameras to protect interior and exterior areas, which include Bullet cameras, Box cameras, thermal cameras, IP cameras and PTZ cameras. Once our technicians walk around your business and property, in Bolingbrook, IL., they will be able to recommend which cameras will work best for your business.
Access Control in Bolingbrook

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Access Control Companies in Bolingbrook, Illinois

Cloud-based management systems provide viewing of access controls from anywhere. Installing authentication and authorization devices such as fingerprint technology, smart door locks, key cards and card readers offers protection for the business owner and employees. Using these controls to gain entry to certain rooms or buildings keeps a log of each person and the time they entered. More than 24 corporate headquarters have made homes in Bolingbrook, IL. Companies, such as these, look to Network Technology Innovations for high quality access control and video surveillance equipment. For more information on video surveillance and access control installation, call 815-790-3891 or contact us.

Bolingbrook, IL

Farm fields once covered Bolingbrook, IL, as far as the eye could see. In the 1960’s the first houses were built, and families were able to purchase them for approximately ten thousand dollars. The Village of Bolingbrook was formed in 1965, which was made up of homes in the Westbury, Colonial Village and King’s Park communities. Today its suburbs are considered very diverse, and are considered one of the Best Suburbs for Young Professionals in Illinois.

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