The building that you work in has various networking cables that are needed to send and receive things like email and communicate with other devices on the network in Kenosha, Roselle, Barlett, Woodstock, Wood Dale, Des Plaines, and the surrounding areas. Structured wiring is an important feature in the building and keeping it working properly and providing for future expansion needs is important and what Network Technology Innovations works on every day. Without proper planning and execution, your structured wiring will end up being the cause of several problems. Contact our experienced team today for a structured wiring review and assistance.

How Structured Wiring is Better Than Point-to-Point

example of excellence in Structured Wiring in Kenosha, Roselle, Barlett, Woodstock, Wood Dale, and Des PlainesOne key concept that you will likely hear a lot when talking about structure wiring is organization. Structured wiring provides a great way to keep connections organized and neat, and this organization leads to more easily dealing with network issues as well as adding, changing, and removing different equipment and connections. The Main Distribution Area is where all of these changes can happen, and it is much easier and faster than running long cables to make these connections.

When we talk about future-proofing your network, structured wiring is the means to make this a reality. When you want to install new equipment, it becomes easier to connect it to the rest of your network. And while the talk still is around wireless, the fact is that in metal buildings the wireless signal degrades and becomes very poor very quickly. The only way to mitigate this is with hardwired connections, so having a fast way to move and reassigning ports and equipment becomes very important.

Every Building is a New Case

Over the years our team has dealt with thousands of different cases dealing with structured wiring. While this is seemingly an old-school solution, it provides a very solid base for a proper network while limiting the potential issues that can be created by mixing and matching different equipment and devices. We take the approach that each client has unique needs and what works for one will not necessarily work for the next client in Kenosha, Roselle, Barlett, Woodstock, Wood Dale, Des Plaines, and the surrounding areas.

At Network Technology Innovations we have many years of helping businesses and other organizations build out their structured wiring. Instead of a potential rat’s nest of wires that are difficult to trace, we spend time to proper label and organize the various cables that are used so that in the future it becomes an easy thing to make changes or diagnose issues. Contact us today to have us review your structured wiring and make recommendations for improvements.

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