No matter if we are talking about your home or a large commercial building, it is important that the building has structured wiring as part of the current and future needs in Elmhurst, Crystal Lake, Barlett, Itasca, Wood Dale, and the surrounding areas. If not planned properly it can turn into a nest of wires, and our team of experts at Network Technology Innovations has worked with hundreds of businesses to either correct their issues or to install from scratch the appropriate structured wiring that they need. Keep your business and building ready for today as well as tomorrow and call us to review your structured wiring setup.

What is Structured Wiring

Before and After Structured Wiring in Elmhurst, Crystal Lake, Barlett, Itasca, Wood DaleStructured wiring is the modern equivalent of electrical wiring. Electrical wiring provides for electrical outlets and switches in each room of a building, and structured wiring does the same for internet needs in the building. Each room will have a connection that leads back to a central hub, just like your electrical panel is the central hub of electrical distribution in the building. In each room there are various ports for plugging in internet phones, computers, and other devices that need ethernet cabling and access to the internet.

Where major problems happen is when you don’t have someone to plan out and implement a way to organize the increasing use of ethernet cabling in the building. We frequently see wires that are coiled up in the central room from the different areas or rooms that they are run from without being cut shorter to fit the need. Wires are also routed without planning so that it becomes disorganized and this leads to larger problems when issues arise with tracking down problems.

How Structured Wiring Helps for The Future

Decades ago, when people were putting in more electrical outlets in buildings, they were often told that there would never be enough items to warrant using that many outlets. Fast-forward to today and the proliferation of devices that need electricity is surprising. Structured wiring is the same way where installing more ethernet ports in rooms is meant to future proof the building to handle more devices they want to connect to a network as well as the internet. Even if you are adding wireless nodes in the building, they use the hardwired connection all over the buildings in Elmhurst, Crystal Lake, Barlett, Itasca, Wood Dale, and the surrounding areas

Structured wiring is very important, not only to handle the current needs you have but also any future developments that come along. It is also important to treat your structured wiring like electrical distribution in the building by keeping your ethernet wiring neat and tidy and routing your wiring appropriately. Call our team at Network Technology Innovations to have us help make your structured wiring the important part of your building that it needs to be.

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