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Structured Cabling, Network Wiring, Fiber Cabling, and Cat 6 Wiring in Wheeling, IL

Fiber cabling and Cat 6 Wiring are often the choices for businesses who use large computer networks, voice, and video networking. With more than 70 years of combined experience, the staff at Network Technology Innovations takes pride in providing top quality customer service. Our goal is to get your business connected using structured cabling, network cabling, fiber cabling or Cat 6 wiring, in Wheeling, IL.

Structured Wiring in Wheeling, IL

By installing structured wiring, you are removing the chance of having a closet of messy wiring. The goal of structured wiring is to replace the multitude of wires with a controlled wire. Doing this makes the infrastructure easier to manage. This structured wiring system is easy to adapt in large and small companies. With structured wiring, it is easy to connect office equipment such as telephones, computers and printers. These organized wire systems remove the stress of often tangled and poorly organized wires. Diagnosing issues also becomes easier when structured wiring is in place. It also provides for easier movement around the office space. Moving computers and phones becomes a simple task. Since this system uses high bandwidth, carrying large amounts of data is no problem.

Structured Wiring for Wheeling, IL

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Fiber Cabling in Wheeling, Illinois​

This network cable has an insulated casing carrying glass fibers. These fibers are designed to carry long-distance data networking and telecommunications. Fiber cabling offers higher bandwidth and will transmit data longer distances. Fiber cabling is largely used to support phone systems, cable television and internet. A network which needs high speeds, long distance and heavy bandwidths should use fiber cabling. The fiber cabling can transmit approximately 24 miles, which is well over the 330 feet that copper cables can transmit. For more information on fiber cabling, Cat 6 wiring, network cabling and structured wiring in Wheeling, IL, call Network Technology Innovations at 815-790-3891 or contact us.

Wheeling, Illinois

Only 23 miles from Chicago, this town was named for Wheeling, West Virginia. This village is less than 9 square miles and made up of families and young professionals. Wheeling is a beautiful town and a great place to establish a business. When that business needs to be in premium operating condition, with up to date fiber cabling, access control, and the best in office technology, contact NTI.

Fiber Cabling in Wheeling, IL




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