Years ago when the internet was still new and we still used disks for storage and transfer of digital files, dealing with the cabling in a building was pretty easy. There weren’t many wires or cables to deal with, but today there are wires and cables all over for different things. In order to keep them all straight with a minimum of downtime at your Elmhurst, Barlett, Itasca, Crystal Lake, Des Plaines, Wood Dale, or surrounding area building, structured cabling is the defacto set up to ensure that things are neat and tidy while providing the bandwidth required. Our team at Network Technology Innovations can help you with your structured cabling so that it does what you need it to while remaining accessible for expansion and troubleshooting. Contact us today to put our experience to work for you.

Why Use Structured Cabling?

Before and After of Structured Cabling in Elmhurst, Barlett, Itasca, Crystal Lake, Des Plaines, Wood DaleOne of the main reasons for using structured cabling in your building is because you avoid having the jumble of wires everywhere. Instead, structured cabling leads to increased efficiency and helps to keep data flowing at optimum rates. It can also reduce your power and maintenance costs, and because it is an organized way to deal with wiring, it reduces downtime when issues arise.

Structured cabling is actually broken down into six subsystems in order to better manage the whole network in a building. This allows you to more easily support data, video, multiple voices, as well as security access and energy systems. It also allows you to choose different devices so you maintain flexibility based upon your needs. This means you can upgrade equipment over time and mix and match between different vendors to get the right equipment you need. This also means that when you need to move computers, add equipment to the network, or other moves and changes, things are definitely simplified.

Structured cabling can also future-proof your building network. As new devices and other important features come along, you will be able to readily integrate these items into your network without having significant downtime associated with doing so.

Get The Experts in Structured Cabling

We have over five decades of experience with low voltage wiring in general and structured cabling in specific. We have taken network wiring nightmares and transformed them into tidy network closets that have room to expand into the future. We bring this same approach to structured cabling so that you have a minimum of wiring with a maximum of organization at your Elmhurst, Barlett, Itasca, Crystal Lake, Des Plaines, Wood Dale, or surrounding area building. Contact Network Technology Innovations today to get our technicians to your site to begin the evaluation.



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