You may have heard the term structured cabling used by various IT personnel, but you may not understand what it is or what impact it has on your organization in Des Plaines, Kenosha, Wood Dale, Crystal Lake, Rockford, Schaumburg, and the surrounding areas. Our team at Network Technology Innovations have helped many different organizations properly design and then install their structured cabling setup so that they have better communications and data exchange today, plus they are ready for any new additions or technologies that come along in the future. Contact us today to discuss your structured cabling needs.

Benefits of Structured Cabling

Before and After Structured Cabling in Des Plaines, Kenosha, Wood Dale, Crystal Lake, Rockford, and SchaumburgNo two setups of structured cabling is the same, and that is by design. The building that your organization is in, the number of people in your organization, and even the needs of your organization will dictate how your structured cabling will be done. And while the setups will be unique for each situation, the Main Distribution Area is the key to making the structured cabling setup work, both now as well as in the future.

When you have very few devices in the network, running a cable between each one is easy, cost-effective, and time effective. But in reality, networks have at least dozens of devices, but more likely hundreds of devices, and you need a cohesive way to connect them all. And then, once connected, you need a fast and efficient way to do device moves, additions to the network, and more. Only structured cabling offers the best answer to these and other issues.

Get The Experts in Structured Cabling

Designing and setting up structured cabling requires people that know what they are doing and can accomplish what needs to be done quickly. You will get predictable performance with structured cabling while minimizing downtime should things happen with the network. Our team has decades of experience with all things IT related and can work with your team to improve your overall operations.

When it comes to structured cabling for your organization, you will find that an organized approach will make your life easier every day. Give your business an edge to be able to better respond to changes in Des Plaines, Kenosha, Wood Dale, Crystal Lake, Rockford, Schaumburg, and the surrounding areas. Contact us at Network Technology Innovations to learn more and have us work on your structured cabling design and installation.

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