As more and more people and businesses are using your building in Algonquin, Huntley, Marengo, Woodstock, Itasca, Des Plaines, and the surrounding areas, it requires the network in the building to become more and more sophisticated. This is where having a good plan for structured cabling becomes important in order to handle the increased demands. Structured cabling is one of the core competencies for us at Network Technology Innovations and we can develop a plan that not only takes care of your current situation but will also allow for future expansion and upgrades to the network. No two structured cabling installations are the same, so contact us today to put our decades of experience to work on your structured cabling system.

Benefits of Structured Cabling

Before and After of Structured Cabling in Algonquin, Huntley, Marengo, Woodstock, Itasca, Des PlainesWith any structured cabling scheme there are six subsystems of a structured cabling system: entrance facility, equipment room, telecommunications room, backbone cabling, horizontal cabling, and work area. These six areas each have their place in the overall scheme of structured cabling. When standardizing the systems for your phone, ethernet, as well as ISDN cabling, you simplify troubleshooting and streamline future cabling updates.

This standardization provides for much more equipment interoperability, which means your network can utilize the best components available, even if they are from different manufacturers. It also allows you to upgrade equipment without worrying that you will need to swap out a bunch of other things because of proprietary connections or other unique aspects.

Structured cabling also provides for future-proofing your network so that when new applications and devices come along, you will be prepared for them and can add them in with minimal disruption. Also, because each client we work with is unique in their business, the requirements that they have for their network, and by extension what the structured cabling needs to be to meet these requirements, that will make their system unique.

Get The Experts in Structured Cabling

Structured cabling can be done many ways with most of them ending in a mess. This is why having an expert team handle the installation and running of cables for your structured cabling can make such a difference. We will comply with the National Electrical Code as well as industry standards, which results in neat cabling runs that are quickly identifiable to help with diagnosing issues quickly. It also allows for easier and faster upgrades and replacements. For over five decades we have helped businesses and building owners in Algonquin, Huntley, Marengo, Woodstock, Itasca, Des Plaines, and the surrounding areas. Contact Network Technology Innovations today to learn more.

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