School intercom systems seem to be a relic from years ago, but they have become helpful additions to schools all over Buffalo Grove, Elgin, McHenry, Schaumburg, Vernon Hills, and the surrounding areas. While still important to provide campus-wide announcements, today’s modern school intercom installations from Network Technology Innovations include a lot more flexibility. From being able to have two-way communications between a specific room and the main office to being able to section off zones in a building for communication as well as other features, today’s school intercom installations provide for a range of new options to help facilitate information between rooms and the whole building. Contact us today to learn more about adding one of these modern school intercoms to your school building.

Designing A System That Is Smart

School Intercom Installation in Buffalo Grove, Elgin, McHenry, Schaumburg, and Vernon HillsOften times your school intercom system is used for building-wide announcements, such as a reminder of a special all-class function. But during other times not every area and room needs to be included, and that’s where modern school intercoms have become a more robust tool that can be targeted where and when it is needed. When it comes to changing classes, the rooms will need to hear this signal, but the bathrooms will not, just like the front office likely doesn’t need to hear it either.

In some cases, you may need to have a specific student come to the front office in the middle of a class. With our modern school intercom installation, you can have direct two-way communication with a specific room. And this is just the start of how you can customize your school intercom installation so that it provides you with just the right options for maximum effectiveness.

Draw It All Up on Paper

It is important that your school intercom is installed in such a way that you can do what you need to without a bunch of complications. Once you have gotten all of your requests together for what you want the system to do, we will map it all out on paper so that it is clear how things need to happen to accomplish what you need. Only then, when the system is written out with all changes made, will we start the installation process.

School intercom installations are meant for important communications, whether that is to signal class changes, providing information to the student body, or alerting everyone to situations that are happening that can affect them in Buffalo Grove, Elgin, McHenry, Schaumburg, Vernon Hills, and the surrounding areas. Contact Network Technology Innovations today to start the discussion of upgrading your school intercom system.

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