Unless you sleep, eat, and breathe network wiring like the Network Technology Innovations team does, you may not understand just how important it is, or how much it can hold your Rockford, Northbrook, Elgin, Elk Grove Village, Buffalo Grove, Schaumburg, or surrounding area business back from growing. It is a lot more than just the wire that connects you to the internet, it allows you to share resources amongst a group of colleagues, provides for your VOIP phones, and share data with remote locations and personnel. But if your network wiring isn’t kept in check, it can turn into a nightmare that may take days or longer to correct.

Plan Your Network Wiring Early

Before and After of Cabinet with Network Wiring in Rockford, Northbrook, Elgin, Elk Grove Village, Buffalo Grove, and SchaumburgIt is important to have a plan for your network wiring, otherwise it will quickly overwhelm you. Wireless networks can work for a while, but they can quickly become overloaded as you continue to add nodes in the system that use the wireless network. Where you can, having a hard-wired connection will allow you to make sure that everyone has access to the resources they need as efficiently as possible. When your wireless connection keeps dropping out, it slows productivity and makes doing your work more difficult.

Don’t forget about where you run those cables as well. You will need to keep tabs on all of these cables so that they can be bundled together and run together back to the central room where the servers, switches and routers are located. It is hugely important to keep the wiring neat and tidy in this area as well. And when planning of the network wiring is done, you can also make future plans for expansion so that when you add more employees or devices, you already know how you will handle it because you planned for it.

Bringing in Network Wiring Experts

The truth is that many businesses aren’t large enough to have a dedicated IT person who can deal with all of the networking wiring for the business. This is where Network Technology Innovations can help, as they deal with network wiring all the time. When you have us come to your business,  we will first review the current setup that you have. From there, we will likely go through a series of questions to fully understand how you got to where you are, and where you hope to go. We then lay out a map of where the current networking wiring should be, taking into account the future needs for your business. Don’t wait to have us come in to help streamline your Rockford, Northbrook, Elgin, Elk Grove Village, Buffalo Grove, Schaumburg, or surrounding area network wiring; give Network Technology Innovations a call today.


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