In a commercial building just choosing the right cable is not enough you also have to ensure its optimal performance so as to not hamper the daily workload of the office. Network Technology Innovations has been offering network wiring services for over 7 decades now. With top-notch customer service and quality of the products second to none, we have slowly made quite a name for ourselves when it comes to cabling systems. We have the experience of working with a wide range of structured cables from Cat 5 to Cat 8, the most widely used being Cat 6 wiring which is preferred because of its speed and efficiency. Whenever the business houses of Elgin, Aurora, IL, Rockford, Elk Grove Village, Buffalo Grove, and Schaumburg want cables that can handle their workload and transmit signal smoothly, they come to us. 

Network Wiring in Pleasant Prairie, WI, Spring Grove IL, Northbrook

Below we have mentioned a few crucial rules one should follow while using network wiring. Take a look. 

1. Watch for interference 

Before installing the system make sure that the area does not generate electromagnetic interference. Hence the installers should be careful to maintain at least a distance of 3 feet from printers, copiers, video equipments, and other heating/cooling units.  

2. The length of the cable 

While arranging the place to install the wires, you must keep in mind that the wires are not more than 100 meters in length. Also, the ceiling distance should not exceed 90 meters, keeping a 10-meter gap on either r end of the connection for patch cables. 

3. Termination and testing of UTP 

Another important factor is to properly terminate your cable and check whether everything is within specifications. If your devices are built with standardized UTP cabling, it will support gigabit Ethernet installations and the process will be smooth. 

So, if you plan on installing network wiring in your office, you can get in touch with us.