Do you realize just how much your organization in Rockford, Elk Grove Village, Elgin, Bolingbrook, Northbrook, Buffalo Grove, and the surrounding areas rely on your IT network daily? When you have problems, your network cabling is likely going to either help or hinder your efforts to get back up and running, and the team from Network Technology Innovations can help to get your network cabling sorted out. And what about when you are in a growth mode for your business and you are adding employees and more computers? Can your network grow with you, or will it be a pain point preventing you from achieving more? The team at Network Technology Innovations can help make sense of the kinds of network cabling that you will need to keep your office and business humming.

Benefits To Having a Neat Network Cabling Setup

Before and After of Network Cabling in Rockford, Elk Grove Village, Elgin, Bolingbrook, Northbrook, and Buffalo GroveBut it’s just wires, how important can they be? It turns out, they can be very important, both on a day-to-day basis as well as when there are problems to be diagnosed and corrected. While there is no single way to organize network cabling, there are many ways to improve your particular network cabling situation so that you can minimize downtime and maximize your growth potential.

Whenever you add another employee, you are adding complexity in your network as a whole, as well as adding lines and wires to your network cabling. The same can be said for adding another network-enabled device to your network. If you add another printer/copier device to your network and you have 25 employees, that means that you suddenly have another 25 connections in an already complex network to be aware of. Wall jacks, loose connections, and other issues can bring your office to a halt, and the sooner that you can diagnose and correct them, the sooner things will get back to normal.

Laying cables haphazardly around a building can lead to several different potential problems that inhibit the safety of the building, and reduce safety for everyone working there. Unattended network cables could potentially become a fire hazard, lead to electric shocks, and can even be a tripping hazard for people. Proper routing of your network cabling eliminates all of these, and provides for faster diagnosis of issues as well as easier additions to your Rockford, Elk Grove Village, Elgin, Bolingbrook, Northbrook, Buffalo Grove, and the surrounding area network.

Even the choice of the right network cabling medium is important, as an inferior network cable can be responsible for limiting your growth by being slower than it could be. Rather than continue to be frustrated with your network, call in the experts from Network Technology Innovations to help make sense of your network cabling.

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