Your network isn’t really a network without the requisite network cabling. What you choose for your network cabling will depend on a few different things, but for most organizations in Kenosha, Rockford, Des Plaines, Roselle, Wood Dale, Itasca, and the surrounding areas basic Cat6 ethernet cabling is the best choice. Understanding how to properly run your network cabling and keeping them all properly organized and labeled will speed up tracking down issues with the network as well as making additions to the network with different devices faster and easier. Don’t just run cables in a short-sighted manner to just get things up and running, take the time with our team to make your network cabling organized and ready for action. Contact us today to learn more.

Avoid Mistakes When It Comes to Network Cabling

Before and After Network Cabling in Kenosha, Rockford, Des Plaines, Roselle, Wood Dale, and ItascaIt is easy to go cheap with your choice of network cabling, but like anything else you get what you pay for. Don’t use network cables that aren’t up to the job that you have for them. When your network cables are being installed, don’t do the installation poorly or you could end up with interference with your cables or even weak signals. Along with that is poor cable management, especially in your cable closet; keep those cables labeled and properly routed.

Be sure that you regularly inspect your network cabling to ensure that there are no breaks, kinks, or other impediments that can cause network issues. This includes the termination jacks on both ends of the cable as well as the cable itself. And finally, don’t fail to take into account that you WILL be adding things to the network in the future. You need to have the capacity to add these items and you don’t want it to take a long time to get them added to the network.

Invest The Time in Your Network Cabling

We’ve seen it plenty of times when we get to job sites. We go to the network closet and look at what can only be described as a rat’s nest of wires going everywhere. Layers and layers of these wires need to be untangled and properly routed so that it becomes easy to handle issues, device swaps, and more. Try to have your network cabling all be from the same manufacturer so that you know it is all made to the same standards. Investing now into your network cabling will yield many positives now and in the future.

Your network cabling is an important part of how you perform business every day. When you have network issues in Kenosha, Rockford, Des Plaines, Roselle, Wood Dale, Itasca, and the surrounding areas, it slows down the work you do and leads to frustration on the part of everyone. Call in our team from Network Technology Innovations to help correct your network cabling issues.

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