If you have computers, then you have to have a way to connect them together in order to work together.  That means some sort of physical connection to each other, as well as a connection to the internet.  Network cabling is what makes these connections possible, but there is a right way and many wrong ways to deal with that cabling.

Network Cabling Experts In McHenry, Northbrook, Schaumburg, Vernon HillsYou need to have the cabling neat and tidy, not strewn all over, hanging from ceilings and lining the hallways.  It needs to be handled like electrical cable:  available where you need it, but otherwise hidden out of the way.  And this is fine until you have all those cables running to the same server closet/room, then it’s a spaghetti mess that needs to be tamed.

Whether you have a single office in Pleasant Prairie, nearby offices in Northbrook and McHenry, or if your offices are scattered around the region in Shaumburg, Vernon Hills and Elk Grove Village, Network Technology Innovations is the leader in cabling solutions for any size.  They will make sure that your network cables are properly labeled so you know where each cable goes, bundled at the server rack to keep them tidy and out of the way when working, and routed the shortest distance.  Its easy to deal with a handful of wires and think that you don’t need to keep them organized, but the problem is that a handful of wires quickly becomes hundreds of wires that desperately need to be accurately labeled and organized.

View our Gallery of Work to see some photos of NTI’s work, including before and after photos.

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