Fiber cabling has been around for years, but early on it was mostly for backbone installations to provide service to Rockford, Elgin, Bolingbrook, Northbrook, Hoffman Estates, Spring Grove, and the surrounding areas. But today, the technology has gotten much better and has become much cheaper so professionals like Network Technology Innovations now use and recommend fiber cabling for businesses to ensure that they are ready for whatever new technology comes along to benefit their business.

What Makes Fiber Cabling So Good?

Before and After of Fiber Cabling in Rockford, Elgin, Bolingbrook, Northbrook, Hoffman Estates, and Spring GroveWhat made it useful to wire neighborhoods years ago is the same usefulness that helps businesses handle the increased bandwidth needs that they have as well as future-proofs them for new technology that comes along. Fiber optic cabling can carry much more data than other cabling options, which helps keep things moving along, from phone calls to internet traffic and more. As more information flows within a business as well as into and from a business, having fiber cabling makes it easier to keep up.

Another reason why fiber cabling was so useful was that it didn’t require signal boosters as frequently as other cabling options. This means that longer distances could be covered without placing signal boosters, keeping things simpler and more effective. Larger businesses that have multiple buildings as part of their campus definitely benefit from this advantage to keep information flowing between all of the buildings.

Fiber cabling, because of the materials that it is made from, also is less susceptible to interference, especially electromagnetic interference, when compared to other cabling options. Electromagnetic interference degrades the signal faster, resulting in a shortening of how long a cable can be. Other cabling types may be required to be routed along alternate routes to go around possible issues, where fiber cabling can run through the affected areas without any issues.

Get The Experts to Do It Right

Network Technology Innovations has more than 70 years of combined experience handling a variety of cabling options, including fiber cabling. They will work with you to plan out your cabling needs, using fiber cabling for the most intense and high-data needs. Businesses all over Rockford, Elgin, Bolingbrook, Northbrook, Hoffman Estates, Spring Grove, and the surrounding areas trust the expert team from Network Technology Innovations. Get your network prepared for future growth with fiber cabling.

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