Using the internet is basically a necessity these days, and more and more information is being sent around using your network infrastructure in Itasca, Elmhurst, Des Plaines, Barlett, Wood Dale, Marengo, and the surrounding areas. But is your network up to handling all of this data, both now and in the future? This is where fiber cabling shows off its stuff, and where our team at Network Technology Innovations can help. Fiber cabling more and more is replacing the copper wires that have been so common in networks for many years. This is because it can handle larger loads as well as transmit those loads faster. Reach out to us today to learn more about adding fiber cabling to your network.

Benefits of Fiber Cabling

Before and After Fiber Cabling in Itasca, Elmhurst, Des Plaines, Barlett, Wood Dale, MarengoSpeed is just one of the factors that elevates fiber cabling over copper wires. And this elevation is quite significant! In general, copper wires have a maximum throughput of about 40 gigabytes per second. And while this is a lot of data, it can quickly be used up as you add more and more people using the same network. Fiber cabling, by contrast, has a maximum throughput that is theoretical in nature as it hasn’t been reached in practical settings, but tests indicate hundreds of terabytes per second is possible.

Another benefit of fiber cabling is that the signal degrades much more slowly when compared to copper wires. Copper wires have a distance of roughly 100 meters before the signal begins to degrade, and longer distances are in use. However, fiber cabling has degradation that is orders of magnitude better, with ideal conditions providing tens of miles of distance.

Copper wires are also susceptible to electromagnetic interference which can affect the integrity of the data being transmitted over the wires. Because fiber cabling doesn’t use electricity but instead uses light, they don’t have the issues with electromagnetic interference. They also don’t have issues getting wet for the same reason.

Get The Experts in Fiber Cabling

outweighsber cabling is more expensive than copper wiring, the benefits that it offers easily outweigh that cost. It is important that when you are ready to upgrade your cabling to fiber cabling that you have an experienced team to handle the installation at your Itasca, Elmhurst, Des Plaines, Barlett, Wood Dale, Marengo, or the surrounding area building. Our team at Network Technology Innovations has been helping businesses of all sizes be as efficient as possible with their network. Contact us today to bring in our team for experienced fiber cabling knowledge.

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