While we still rely on copper cables for a lot of our networking infrastructure and other uses, it has its limitations for speed when it comes to digital communications. As such, the need for fiber cabling is growing as the amounts of data moving around the globe as well as locally in Itasca, Des Plaines, Wood Dale, Barlett, Elmhurst, Crystal Lake, and the surrounding areas continue to explode. Having the help of trained experts such as our team at Network Technology Innovations can make a big difference in just where and how to use fiber cabling in your commercial building. Contact us to learn more and have us come out to your location for a site inspection.

Why Fiber Cabling?

Before and After of Fiber Cabling in Itasca, Des Plaines, Wood Dale, Barlett, Elmhurst, Crystal LakeOne of the fastest things that we know of is the speed of light. Light pulses travel faster than anything else that we can practically use. Because of this, more data can be sent in the same amount of time using fiber optic cabling compared to other network cabling choices. No wonder that it is being used in more and more installations as the amount of data needing to be transferred has continued to increase.

Fiber cabling comes in a couple of flavors: single mode fiber and multimode fiber. One of the great advantages of single mode fiber cabling is that the distances covered can be quite long, reaching upwards of 100 kilometers before the signal will be needing to be boosted due to attenuation. Other cabling options require signal boosting at much more frequent intervals. Multimode fiber cabling provides for more than one light mode to provide more data transmission; however, the distances are much shorter. Multimode fiber cabling is used a lot in transmissions within buildings for faster transmission speeds.

Fiber cabling, because of the materials that it is made from, also is less susceptible to interference, especially electromagnetic interference, when compared to other cabling options. Electromagnetic interference degrades the signal faster, resulting in a shortening of how long a cable can be. Other cabling types may be required to be routed along alternate routes to go around possible issues, where fiber cabling can run through the affected areas without any issues.

Get The Experts in Fiber Cabling

Whether you need to boost the data transmissions between buildings you own, or you want to help future-proof your commercial building with fiber infrastructure, our experienced team at Network Technology Innovations will work with you to map out what you are looking for and then dive in to make it all work. We’ve helped hundreds of customers in Itasca, Des Plaines, Wood Dale, Barlett, Elmhurst, Crystal Lake, and the surrounding areas update their cabling, and we can help you as well. Contact us today to speak with one of our technicians.


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