Having access to the internet is a requirement these days, so the real question now becomes how can organizations in Elmhurst, Rockford, Barlett, Des Plaines, Northbrook, Aurora, and the surrounding areas ensure that they can handle the amount of demand. While there are several cabling types available, more and more are turning to fiber cabling to meet these demands, and our team at Network Technology Innovations can help with the installation and management of fiber cabling. Contact us today to learn more about how fiber cabling can make the speed and bandwidth difference you need.

Why Fiber Cabling

Before and After of Fiber Cabling in Elmhurst, Rockford, Barlett, Des Plaines, Northbrook, AuroraWhen the internet first started, the copper wires that were used in most places to handle telephone calls were sufficient to handle internet traffic. However, as the internet evolved and became what it is today, becoming ingrained into business life, there needed to be a cabling option that provided both the ability to handle this increased bandwidth as well as shuttling all of that data around faster.

Fiber cabling answered the call, offering not only a wider pipeline for data but moving that data at faster speeds, and being able to do all of this over longer distances to boot. Additionally, fiber cabling is much more secure than older copper wiring as tapping a fiber cable is difficult and a traditional wiretap just doesn’t work like it does on copper wiring.

Fiber cabling is also safer because electricity isn’t being used, and that means that the cabling can be handled at any time without concern for someone getting injured. Data is transferred by light pulses which are not affected by a wide range of situations. A fiber cable will continue to work if in contact with water, heat and cold do not impact the transmission of data, and there is no metal in a fiber cable so a lightning strike has no effect either.

Get The Experts in Fiber Cabling

With all of these benefits of fiber cabling it makes sense that more and more businesses and organizations are using it even within a building to not only handle the current load of data, but to future-proof the building as well. The amount of data your Elmhurst, Rockford, Barlett, Des Plaines, Northbrook, Aurora, and the surrounding area business will need to handle in the future will only increase, so it makes sense to bring in the experts from Network Technology Innovations to help add fiber cabling. Call us today to bring in our team for experienced fiber cabling knowledge.

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