One of the most common cabling options for businesses these days is cat 6 wiring. It is able to operate at optimal performance and create a high-speed computer network. The most important feature of a cat 6 wiring is that it can produce double the bandwidth of cat 5 and cat 5e wiring. These features of the cat 6 wiring have made it the most wanted cabling option for businesses that need to operate at high speeds.

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Here are some more benefits of cat 6 wiring:

  • Speed and performance

A cat 6 wiring can handle speeds of up to 250 MHz making it possible to use fast ethernet networks, including gigabit ethernet and 10-gigabit ethernet, which includes routers, switches, patch panels, interface cards, and other components. IT professionals around the world have realized that the cat 6 wiring can provide gigabit speeds and very fast network performance.

  • Backward compatible

The Cat 6 cable’s plug and port are the same as that of the cat 5 and cat 5e. Hence, it can be plugged into any port that supports those earlier cables. However, if you use the cat 5 port with the cat 6 wiring, it may not yield the full speed it is capable of handling. However, the speed will still be significantly higher than that of the cat 5.

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