While there are a variety of different cabling options that you can choose from, Cat 6, or Category 6 ethernet cabling is the main network cabling of choice these days. Homes and businesses all over Elmhurst, Barlett, Wood Dale, Itasca, Elk Grove Village, Crystal Lake, and the surrounding areas are moving to either use Cat 6 wiring or are replacing their older, slower wiring with Cat 6 wiring. At Network Technology Innovations we have already installed miles and miles of Cat 6 wiring, and we can help do the same for you. Contact our team to learn more about why Cat 6 wiring is the go-to network cabling of choice and how we can get your network running on Cat 6 wiring.

Why Use Cat 6 Wiring

Before and After of Cat 6 Wiring in Elmhurst, Barlett, Wood Dale, Itasca, Elk Grove Village, Crystal LakeRather than just taking our word for it, there are really good reasons why you would want to use Cat 6 wiring for your home or business. And while it is easier to run the cabling in a new construction, Cat 6 cabling is good enough both now and in the future that it is worth making the investment to run it even in existing buildings. You will need physical connections in your home or business, so having network cabling is a priority anyway, whether that is for phone connections, printers, computers, or other devices.

Beyond just needing the physical connection that is much more reliable than a wireless one, you want to be able to deal with the next round of speed increases that have been coming with the internet. As more and more video and other data are streamed over the internet, it is important that your infrastructure can handle the sheer volume that is coming in. Cat 6 wiring is capable of supporting up to 10-gigabit ethernet connections, and part of this is due to the larger amount of data each second that can pass along a Cat 6 wiring setup.

While many internet connections aren’t yet at this capacity, they are continuing to move in this direction. Cat 6 wiring ensures that you are ready to handle these ever-increasing amounts of data for many years. Older categories of cabling are either just reaching their maximum capacity, or are already outdated because they cannot handle that much data and are the slow link in a network.

Cat 6 Wiring Is a Worthwhile Investment

When a new construction is being wired, whether that is for a commercial building or a residential home, that is the perfect time to invest in network cabling that will be around for many years. Because the amount of data that it can handle, it has 10 times the carrying capacity of Cat 5e cabling, and internet speeds now are approaching the maximum capacity of Cat 5e cables. Join the hundreds of businesses and homeowners who are future-proofing their networks in Elmhurst, Barlett, Wood Dale, Itasca, Elk Grove Village, Crystal Lake, and the surrounding areas. Call Network Technology Innovations today to learn more.

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