The internet isn’t going away, and in fact there seems to be more and more items every year that can connect to a home or business network to provide new opportunities in Des Plaines, Crystal Lake, Algonquin, Sturtevant, Kenosha, Itasca, and the surrounding areas. The more things you add to a network, the more the network will get bogged down unless you open up a larger pipeline, i.e., making your network able to handle more data. At Network Technology Innovations, one of the best ways to allow your network to handle all of this growth in the use of your network is to upgrade to Cat 6 wiring for your network. While there are other options that provide heaps of bandwidth, the cost of these options is often prohibitive when compared with the flexibility and low cost of Cat 6 wiring. Talk with our team today to learn more about using Cat 6 wiring for your business.

Why Use Cat 6 Wiring

Before and After Cat 6 Wiring in Des Plaines, Crystal Lake, Algonquin, Sturtevant, Kenosha, and ItascaWhy would you choose to use Cat 6 wiring when there are a couple of other wiring options of Ethernet cables that have higher data transfer numbers? And why not save money by using Cat 5e or other older Ethernet cabling? It really comes down to a cost/benefit analysis. Where several years ago Cat 6 cabling was the really expensive option and didn’t provide enough positive aspects, these days Cat 6 provides the bandwidth that is desired without breaking the bank to have it installed.

With the proliferation of devices that can connect to the internet or at least a home or business network, this increase in the data going through the network means that everything slows down. Older cabling options just don’t have the space to keep up with this growth, but Cat 6 cabling is well-suited to dealing with the current crop of devices and still has room for future growth as well.

Cat 6 Wiring Is a Worthwhile Investment

When you are working on a new construction, that is the perfect time to run Cat 6 cabling anywhere and everywhere in the building. Because so many devices now have Ethernet ports you can connect them to the network much easier. And while wireless technology is good for some things, nothing beats a hardwired connection to the network for reliability and speed.

Even if you have existing older cabling it is worth investing in Cat 6 wiring because it will work for your needs now while also being able to keep up with the advances in devices. Any business in Des Plaines, Crystal Lake, Algonquin, Sturtevant, Kenosha, Itasca, and the surrounding areas can benefit from using Cat 6 wiring and our team at Network Technology Innovations can help to make it happen. Contact us today to learn more.

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