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Cat 6 Wiring, Fiber Cabling, Network Cabling, Structured Wiring, and More in Itasca, IL and the Surrounding Areas

Are you looking for a trusted partner to help you improve your business with structured cabling in Itasca, IL, or the surrounding areas? At Network Technology Innovations we have over seven decades of combined experience providing cabling and low voltage services to businesses in our community.

From cat 6 wiring to fiber cabling services and everything in between, we ensure that your business is set up for success with the network wiring and structured wiring solutions needed to save you time, money, and energy. Handling all aspects of planning and installation, we are here to offer businesses in Itasca, IL, and the surrounding areas with complete cabling solutions to streamline business operations. Contact us today to learn more about network cabling solutions!

Fiber Cabling & Cat 6 Wiring in Itasca

Much like your business, your structured wiring system needs to be set up to meet the evolving technological needs of your operation, and at Network Technology Innovations we are here to provide you with the advanced network cabling solutions required to ensure optimal functionality of day-to-day operations. Our options in structured network cabling include cat 6 wiring and fiber cabling solutions, which both have unique benefits:

Before and After of CAT6 Wiring in Elk Grove Village, Hoffman Estates, Schaumburg, McHenry, Buffalo Grove, Rockford

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Cat 6 Wiring

Cat 6 cabling, or category 6 cabling, is the industry standard in network wiring characterized by twisted-pair cables for Ethernet. This type of network wiring is ideal for businesses due to its ability to support high Ethernet speeds (1000Mbps).

Fiber Cabling

Fiber cabling, or fiber optic cabling, uses light to transmit electrical signals, making fiber cabling immune to electrical interference. This is an innovative cabling option for businesses looking to ditch bulking cabling systems.

Structured Wiring in Itasca, IL

Itasca, Illinois is a charming village split by the railroad into northern and southern neighborhoods. With a modest population, the village of Itasca is an inviting place where residents know each other’s names and families are free to raise their children in a safe community that offers high quality of life. Not only is Itasca, IL a great place to live, but the village is composed of several businesses, both large and small, that contribute to its unique appeal.

At Network Technology Innovations we are proud to help businesses improve operations with structured cabling in Itasca, IL, and the surrounding areas. With options in cat 6 wiring and fiber cabling, our structured wiring services are designed to improve the safety and efficiency of your workplace by standardizing your company’s cabling and network wiring systems. Understanding that your business is ever-growing, our structured wiring services enable you to easily connect new phones, computers, and other devices as your business continues to evolve. Contact us today to learn more about flexible structured cabling solutions for your business in Itasca, IL, or the surrounding areas.

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