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Cat 6 Wiring, Fiber Cabling, Access Control, and Video Surveillance in Rockford, IL

Designing and installing Cat 6 wiring and fiber cabling is a job for professionals who exceed industry standards and comply with the National Electrical Code, to ensure safety and security for clients. Network Technology Innovations is that company of professionals, who have over 70 years of combined experience, providing cabling, Cat 6 wiring, fiber cabling, access control and video surveillance in Rockford, IL, for large and small businesses alike.

Cat 6 Wiring and Fiber Cabling in Rockford, IL

Our technicians will work with you to implement and install fiber cabling or Cat 6 wiring, depending on your business needs. Understanding the differences between Cat 6 wiring and fiber cabling will help determine which is best for your company. Cat 6 wiring is known for its speed and efficiency of transferring of data and is used for its cabling infrastructure for Ethernet networks. Fiber cabling or fiber optic cabling has multiple optical fibers which carry light. These cables are for high performance data networking over a longer distance by providing a higher bandwidth.

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Access Control and Video Surveillance in Rockford, IL

You’ve invested in your Rockford, IL business by installing a sophisticated computer network with Cat 6 wiring or fiber cabling, and you decide an extra measure of security is necessary. The technicians at NTI can provide you with access control options. Card readers, keypad access and fingerprint readers are just a few of the options to consider. NTI partners with manufacturers who provide high quality access control systems used globally. With access control, you can determine where your employees can enter at your company. Certain rooms or floors can be off limits by simply adding a card reader or keypad. If monitoring employee access is important to your business, access control readers or keypads can be installed on every floor or door.

Another key component to security is a comprehensive video surveillance package. Network Technology Innovations can provide your business with cameras, video recorders and storage solutions along with video management software and remote access for anytime viewing. Working within your budget, our technicians can design a video surveillance and monitoring package to work in conjunction with access control for all-inclusive protection. For more information on access control, cabling, Cat 6 wiring, fiber cabling, and video surveillance in Rockford, IL, contact us or call 815-790-3891.

We are proud to serve Rockford, IL, and the surrounding communities. Families visiting Rockford, IL can spend time at its many gardens and museums. Referred to as the Forest City, Rockford has multiple cultural and historical sites. 

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