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Cabling, Network Wiring, Structured Cabling, and Cat 6 Wiring in Bolingbrook, IL

Businesses who use large computer networks, video and voice networking choose Cat 6 wiring and fiber cabling. They offer higher bandwidth and transmit data longer distances. The technicians at Network Technology Innovations work to install structured cabling, network wiring and Cat 6 wiring in Bolingbrook, IL. Understanding the differences between fiber cabling and Cat 6 wiring will help determine which should be used for your business.

Fiber Cabling in Bolingbrook, IL

Fiber cabling is often used because it’s not affected by electricity. Fiber cabling transmits signals through the use of light, not electrical power. The cabling infrastructure can be expanded in the future and always offers a clear connection. The higher bandwidth can carry larger amounts of data, as well as allowing for longer distances of data transmission, all of which benefits the company. Fiber cabling is used for phone systems, the internet and cable television. Copper cables can only transmit up to 330 feet, while fiber cabling allows for transmission up to 24 miles.

Fiber Cabling Bolingbrook

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Structured Wiring in Bolingbrook, Illinois

Unorganized wiring causes problems when technicians need to repair or expand the network. Structured wiring will replace the frenzy of tangled wires and instead replace it with a controlled wire. By installing structured wiring, the infrastructure becomes far more manageable. Office equipment such as telephones, printers and computers become easy to connect when structured wiring is present. Whether your company is large or small, structured wiring will be easily adapted and maintained. As employees move from one office location to another, moving phones and computers will not be a problem. For more information on fiber cabling, Cat 6 wiring, network cabling and structured wiring in Bolingbrook, IL, call Network Technology Innovations at 815-790-3891 or contact us.

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