If you were to strip away the outer shell of a building and look at just the structure of it, you would find that along with the “bones” of the structure there would be the wiring that serves the whole building. Some of these wires are for electricity and end with outlets in the different rooms in the building. The other wires are cabling, and these provide the gateway to the internet. At Network Technology Innovations we are experts at handling the cabling needs of businesses and buildings. There are several options for cabling, and we can help you determine which ones are right for which applications. Contact us today to learn more about your cabling options.

Fiber Optic Cabling

Multiple Different Color Cables After Cabling in Roselle, Des Plaines, Kenosha, Sturtevant, Crystal Lake, ElginThe gold standard today when it comes to cabling options is fiber optic cabling. This is because it provides the fastest speeds available; seriously, what moves faster than the speed of light? Because fiber optic cabling uses light it doesn’t require energy to travel through the cable. Fiber optic cabling also delivers a cleaner signal compared to Cat6 and other cabling choices.

If these weren’t enough to convince you, fiber optic cabling also doesn’t have the range limitations that Cat6 and other cabling choices have. If you are running cabling across a large campus and use fiber optic cabling, you don’t have to worry about adding repeaters to make sure signals reach the final destination.

Cat6 Cabling

You might be thinking that there isn’t any reason for a business to choose anything but fiber optic cabling. However, the cost of fiber optic cabling is a prohibiting factor for having it used in more installations. It is expensive to install, so most often it is used where it can do the most good by carrying the heavy loads of data, such as being the backbone of a neighborhood internet connection where dozens or hundreds of connections are using fiber optic.

Instead, Cat6 cabling is the cabling option of choice for most smaller scale installations. It is much cheaper to install and maintain, and still can handle the fast data transfers that businesses demand. Because most of these smaller installations also don’t cover much distance, there isn’t a concern that a signal will attenuate and need boosting before reaching the final destination. When you are needing cabling solutions, make the call to Network Technology Innovations to schedule their team to tackle your needs.

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