In practically any building you would go into in Northbrook, Hoffman Estates, Rockford, Buffalo Grove, Elk Grove Village, or the surrounding areas, you will find plumbing and electrical systems, but you will also find cabling systems as well. Some of this cabling is simpler while some is more complex, but it doesn’t matter to Network Technology Innovations as they can handle any kind of cabling needs for businesses.

The Cabling Advances in Technology

Before and After of Cabling in Northbrook, Hoffman Estates, Rockford, Buffalo Grove, and Elk Grove VillageMost of the network cabling that you may be familiar with is likely at least Cat5 cabling, which was established as a standard all the way back in 1995. Since then, better categories of copper cabling have been introduced, all the way up to Cat8 which was released as a standard in 2013. Most businesses will not have the need to use Cat8 network cabling, but if you have specific needs that call for this category of cabling, it’s good to know that Network Technology Innovations can help make that happen for you.

Fiber optic cabling is another option that you might consider because it allows for faster speeds and has a high bandwidth, but it also is much more expensive than the other network cabling options. Again, depending on your business needs you might want to incorporate some fiber optic cabling in your network plan, but it’s a good idea to consult with the team from Network Technology Innovations to get a good idea of when and where fiber optic cabling would be a good choice.

Getting Your Business Network Working

Whether you have a single office or if your offices are scattered around the region, Network Technology Innovations is the leader in cabling solutions for any size. They will make sure that your network cables are properly labeled so you know where each cable goes, bundled at the server rack to keep them tidy and out of the way when working, and routed the shortest distance. You need to have the cabling neat and tidy, not strewn all over, hanging from ceilings, and lining the hallways. It needs to be handled like electrical cable: available where you need it, but otherwise hidden out of the way.

No matter how big your office in Northbrook, Hoffman Estates, Rockford, Buffalo Grove, Elk Grove Village, or the surrounding areas is or how many cables you have, Network Technology Innovations will have it organized and looking good, making your business run smoother. They can even show you where you can consolidate your cabling and make more efficient use of the infrastructure that you already have, saving you from investing in costly devices that you may not need, and that requires their own maintenance.

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