The cables that make up your network need to be properly managed or else you could experience outages, difficulty in tracking down issues, and even cause fires in Itasca, Elgin, Roselle, Barlett, Aurora, Kenosha, and the surrounding areas. When you work with Network Technology Innovations, we use a number of different aids to keep your cabling organized, which has benefits to not only the users but also to the network itself. Faster repairs, decreased downtime of the network, extension of the life of the cables, and more will be enjoyed moving forward with our cabling expertise. Contact our team today and have our team attend to your cabling needs.

Key Aids to Use with Cabling

Multiple Different Color Cables After Cabling in Itasca, Elgin, Roselle, Barlett, Aurora, KenoshaIf you only have two or three cables in your network, then managing those cables is quite easy. But the truth is that you will likely have dozens if not hundreds of different cables that make up your network, and that means you need a way to easily identify which cables are which no matter where they are. Have you ever wondered why network cables come in different colors? Yup, you can use this to help categorize different devices on the network. For example, in an office building you can use yellow cabling for VoIP phone lines.

You may also find that labeling your cables can also help a lot. Using that office building example with the yellow phone lines, you can label each line with a name, number, or anything else that will tell you which office each yellow cable goes to. On any particular floor you may have a few dozen offices, and if you have several floors of offices then it becomes important very quickly to have a way to ID the right cable for a particular office to help diagnose an issue.

Proper Cabling Takes Time

When you do your cabling properly you will take a bit more time to do things, but the payoff happens when issues crop up with your network, you add new equipment to the network, or you are adding or moving people to the network. Then it becomes much easier to deal with the problem, upgrade equipment, or ensure that all team members are connected to the network. The savings down the line more than makes up for the slightly longer time it takes to properly label cabling and making sure that it isn’t longer than it needs to be.

Because cabling isn’t flashy or directly in front of us, it is easy to overlook or downplay the importance of it. But your cabling is what connects everyone and everything together and can make a difference in how efficiently your network operates in Itasca, Elgin, Roselle, Barlett, Aurora, Kenosha, and the surrounding areas. Make the call to Network Technology Innovations to have our team come and enhance your cabling for maximum efficiency.

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