A modern office cannot ignore the whole range of benefits that comes with a network of cable systems. It not only makes the work simpler but also improves the quality of your business. Network Technology Innovations has been offering you top-notch cabling services with over 70 years of combined experience. For businesses with prominent computer networks, our technicians offer Cat 6 wiring as it is a time tested solution for businesses all the while making sure the standards are set high which exceeds your expectations. Installing these wires can be a complex job, but our highly skilled and efficient technicians using their years of experience and proper training ensure safety if any complications arise in the job. As a locally owned and operated company, we have built a personal relationship with all our customers, and we don’t think of them as customers, but our very own members. It gives us immense pleasure to be the best wiring company in and around Pleasant Prairie, WI, Elk Grove Village, Schaumburg, Rockford, Aurora, IL, and Buffalo Grove. 

Cabling in Elk Grove Village, Pleasant Prairie, WI, Aurora IL

Below we have mentioned the 2 mainstream categories of cabling systems NTI works with. Take a look. 

  • Fiber Cabling 

This is also known as fiber optic cabling. Since this system uses light instead of electrical power, it is unperturbed by electrical interference. Hence, this makes it a perfect choice for business houses who would want a smooth flow in their daily operations.  

  • Cat 6 Wiring 

This standard twisted pair cable is a popular choice for Ethernet and other prevalent systems. Being an upgrade from that of Cat 5e, the speed here is more than double and also it can run up to 100 metersWith a speed of 500 MHz and top-grade efficiency, this cable makes an ideal option for many uses. 

So, if you want to install a cabling system for your office, you can get in touch with us at 815.790.3891.