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Network Wiring, Structured Cabling, and Fiber Cabling in Algonquin, IL

When you are looking at keeping your network connections as secure as possible while also having the fastest connections as possible, utilizing network wiring is the best option in Algonquin, IL. Wireless has its conveniences but there are numerous downsides that our team at Network Technology Innovations can tell you about.

Don’t try to fool around with utilizing wireless in your building or organization when the right structured cabling will give you everything that you need including allowing for future expansions and growth. Contact us today to learn more.

Cat 6 Wiring and Fiber Cabling in Algonquin

Cabling, Cat 6 Wiring, and Fiber Cabling in Algonquin, IL

The network cabling of choice for most applications is the Cat 6 wiring. This cabling is perfect for networking devices such as office computers, printer/copier machines, and even IP telephones. It is the workhorse of network setups in most buildings because of the ease of running the cables, the cost-effective nature of them, and how universal they have become in both commercial and residential settings.

While speed is important when it comes to your standard network, there are even faster options that allow even more data to pass through. Fiber cabling is used to carry data to and from your building, which is connected to the internet itself. Fiber cabling is the ideal solution for long distances as it does not have to deal with attenuation as much as Cat 6 wiring does, but over very long distances will require a repeater.

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Networking Wiring for Algonquin, Illinois, Businesses

Keeping network wiring under control and tidy is a task in itself. But this task is important to help keep efficiency high when dealing with network issues and upgrades. Tagging your network cabling is also important so you can quickly identify where a problem is and take the proper corrective action. And of course, tripping over extra cabling is a hazard and could lead to damage to equipment as well.

Our team at Network Technology Innovations wants to help your organization in Algonquin, IL be the best it can be. From 1906 to 1913, the automobile companies began to go to the Algonquin Hill Climbs, which was an event where if an automobile was able to make it up a series of steep hills in the village, it would be given the stamp of approval. And because of that, the Algonquin Cup was formed which received national recognition then. Contact us to schedule a site review of your network cabling setup.

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