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Access Control Systems and Card Access Control Systems in Des Plaines, IL

Security for any organization is important in Des Plaines, IL and one option that provides numerous variability in setup is an access control system. When you have decided to add access control, you want a professional access control installation from Network Technology Innovations. This comprehensive security solution goes beyond traditional lock-and-key methods, offering a sophisticated approach to managing and monitoring access to buildings, rooms, and sensitive areas.

Whether you employ a card access control system or use biometrics and/or PIN codes, you will have more control over who goes where and when. Talk with our team today to learn why we are a preferred access control company for all kinds of organizations.

Card Access Control Systems in Des Plaines

There are several important steps when it comes to an access control installation. Our team will first perform a site assessment of your property. This initial phase lays the groundwork for designing a customized card access control system that aligns with the unique requirements of the client. Once we have this site assessment we can then design a tailored access control system. This involves selecting the appropriate hardware and software components, determining the placement of access points, and creating user profiles with corresponding access privileges.

Once a client signs off on our design, it then goes to the installation of the hardware portion of the access control installation. This includes installing card readers, biometric scanners, electronic locks, and other necessary devices at identified access points. After the hardware is installed, then the software can be configured to handle all of the hardware and to set permissions as well as tie into other already installed security systems, such as video surveillance cameras.

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Access Control Companies Providing Access Control Installation for Des Plaines, Illinois

As an experienced access control company we understand all of the benefits that organizations receive and can exploit with a quality access control installation in Des Plaines, Illinois. From enhanced security by restricting unauthorized access to customized access with granular control over access privileges and much more, Network Technology Innovations will help any organization to safeguard their assets as well as gain flexibility and control.

Door access control is just the start of a professional access control installation from our team of experts. In 1955, Des Plaines became the site of the first McDonald’s franchise, which was torn down in 1984 and replaced by a museum the following year. The city is a suburb of Chicago and is located just north of O’Hare International Airport. In 1979, Des Plaines was the site of the accident of American Airlines Flight 191.

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