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Security is an important piece that businesses need to address, and this can include video surveillance options, access control, and access control installations in Hoffman Estates, IL. Access control in particular can be a challenging area and having the best among the access control companies is the forte for the team from Network Technology Innovations. By implementing access control, you can ensure that only authorized people get into certain areas of your business at the hours that you designate. Speak with the team at Network Technology Innovations to learn more about what access control and video surveillance can mean to your business.

Video Surveillance in Hoffman Estates, IL

Video surveillance is often seen as something that only large companies need or can afford. While that might have been true many years ago, today video surveillance has gotten much better while at the same time it has gotten much less expensive. Your equipment, tools, vehicles, and other important aspects to your business are valuable and should be protected, and part of that protection is having video surveillance to help identify those who have stolen items or vandalized your property. But video surveillance goes beyond these incidents to also include a visual record of natural disasters that strike your facility, or if a fire happens and where, or even a vehicle accident on your property. The team at Network Technology Innovations can show you how adding video surveillance can make a number of differences in your business.

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Access Control and Access Control Installation in Hoffman Estates, IL

Access control for your employees is something that you need to incorporate into your business’s security plan. By using the most advanced and innovative technologies for access control, at Network Technology Innovations, they provide access control systems that make environments safer for employees and visitors. There are areas in your business that not everyone needs access to. Likewise, you may not want just anyone to enter your building, so controlling access to your building with various methods such as key cards, codes, or other methods can help ensure that your employees and business are kept safe. Contact Network Technology Innovations today to learn how access control installation is an important piece for your security plans.

In the early 1960s, land annexations north of the tollway and in other neighboring regions more than doubled Hoffman Estates’s land area. Prairie Stone Business Park came to fruition in 1993 when Sears, Roebuck and Company relocated from the Sears Tower in Chicago to a sprawling headquarters in the northwest part of Prairie Stone. On June 23, 2020, the Village of Hoffman Estates approved an $11.5 million deal to rename the Sears Centre Arena to the “NOW Arena”.

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