Whether you have a small or big business, security should be one of your top concerns. If you have expensive equipment or work with a lot of confidential information, protecting your assets is essential for your business. Whether you have less than 10 employees in your building or more than 1000 people, an access control system can keep your security system up to date. You should get an access control installation from a reputed company the first thing after you open your business.

At Network Technology Innovations, our top priority is to improve the efficiency of your business by providing you with the most advanced security technologies. Our team of professionals works with the most innovative access control technologies to make sure that your office environment is safe for both your employees and visitors. We provide our services to Rockford, Elk Grove Village, Northbrook, Schaumburg, Aurora, IL, McHenry, and neighboring areas. We provide service to all areas in Northern Illinois and  Southern Wisconsin.

Access Control Installation in Rockford, Elk Grove Village, NorthbrookHere are two major benefits of access control installation for your business:

Save Time

The use of traditional keys for your business has a ton of drawbacks. If you have a large building, then you need to use more locks and each lock will have its own individual keys. Access control will save an enormous amount of time for your employees to go about the office. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about forgetting the keys to certain restricted areas.


An access control system keeps track of who comes in and goes out of your office. It will not even allow people who do not have the required access to get inside the office. As such, your employees, your equipment, and other valuable assets are protected.

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