Security for your business isn’t something to be taken lightly. There are countless stories about businesses being targeted in Barlett, Crystal Lake, Des Plaines, Elmhurst, Itasca, Schaumburg, and the surrounding areas where you don’t want to add your business name to that list. Bringing in the experts in access control from Network Technology Innovations can make a difference in the likelihood of having your business in a compromised position. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do with access control for your business and buildings.

Elements of Access Control

Hand Holding a Key Card to Wall for Access Control in Barlett, Crystal Lake, Des Plaines, Elmhurst, Itasca, SchaumburgAccess control, whether physical or otherwise, really is made up of three important elements: identification, authentication, and authorization. Identification is the first part and there are a variety of options to choose from here. Rather than just have someone be part of a large group, identification should really be individualized. Once the person has been identified, the second element comes into play.

Authentication is where you verify that you are dealing with the right person. Someone can claim that they are person X, but when it comes to authenticating it really is person X, that will fall apart. Often authentication happens with biometrics verification or could be a key card or passcode. Depending on what is being protected, the level of authentication can be weaker or stronger.

Finally comes authorization. At this level, a particular user is given a set of things that they can and cannot do. For a single resource, such as access to a room, you might be identified and authenticated, but are not authorized access to the room. When it comes to network access control, your authorization could limit you to read-only access to particular files. Getting these elements in place will help to secure your business and building and make it much harder to have sensitive information being released when it shouldn’t be.

Why Use Access Control?

The idea with access control is to ensure that your sensitive data and other things are better protected. Does everyone in the company need access to all of the financial data of the company? No, so you limit who has access to that information. The same can be said for your building where you only want employees in the building and no one else. You secure the building by using key cards, passcodes, biometrics, and other options to limit who can get inside the building. You shouldn’t take chances with your security in Barlett, Crystal Lake, Des Plaines, Elmhurst, Itasca, Schaumburg, and the surrounding areas. Speak with our team at Network Technology Innovations today to learn more.

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