As technology keeps changing, new innovations give us more secure options for our daily facilities. Network Technology Innovations is a full-service cabling company that has a range of access control prototypes. Our products have directory access control (DAC), mandatory access control (MAC), and role-based access control (RBAC) pre-installed in the systems for the optimum protection of your business. Apart from putting limitations on the entry, there is another wide range of control options in our systems to strengthen the security of the sensitive areas of your business. Our team at Network Technology works with you to develop a personalized access plan in the regions that need top-quality protection. We are proud to serve the people of Aurora IL, Elk Grove Village, Rockford, Schaumburg, Northbrook, and Buffalo Grove.

Access Control in Aurora IL, Elk Grove Village, Rockford, SchaumburgBelow we have mentioned 3 surprising benefits of having access control systems for your business:

  • Difficult to duplicate

Duplicating a physical key is not difficult. Getting access control is a better option as you would not have to change your lock system every time your key is stolen or duplicated. You can just change the code and cancel the access of a lost keycard.

  • Allows multi-location access

Huge campuses or business properties often have multiple locations; an access control system is much better than having multiple physical key options, it will help the employees to travel from one place to another without any problem, with the help of their access cards.

  • Record history of entry

These keycards record and store information about all the employees’ time of entry and exit from the office building. On swiping the card, the name, location, time, and other details are all stored by the system. This record might be helpful to the management in the future.

Contact NTI today to find out more about installing an access control system in your office: 815.790.3891.

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